Our tea collection is special. We take pride in showcasing all that the Wazuka region can produce—verdant green tea bushes that offer up some of the finest leaves in the whole of Japan.

Kirokuen tea farm

All teas are descended from one type of bush, yet it’s the processing that makes a difference. We consider ourselves a rarity in the tea world, undertaking each part of the tea-making process onsite at our farm in Wazuka, from tending our fields, to harvesting, picking and processing. Most other farms send their leaves to be handled offsite so as to bypass the meticulous sorting stages, but we celebrate this part of the procedure, using it as our opportunity to investigate ways in which we can push our tea production forward.

We process each of our 26 fields individually, starting and finishing one field in a day, creating 100% pure, single-origin teas. Doing things this way guarantees that we do what’s best for the leaves in each field so that we only extract the best characteristics from our harvest, creating the ideal flavour profile for each expression. This means that our teas are good for both the body and the soul. At Kirokuen, our focus is on quality over quantity; we’re small, but our love for our farm is evident in our exclusive, small-batch teas.

We hope our distinctive collection of teas brings you as much pleasure as we feel in creating them